Luxury Moroccan Wedding Planner

Luxury wedding planner

Engaged couples can get help planning their dream wedding from MoroccoEvents. Since ideally, marriage is a one-time occurrence, it pays to make it perfect. We focus on ensuring couples are present and resourceful throughout the process of planning their wedding day.

The MoroccoEvents wedding planner is always ready to assist couples. When we are needed, we are there. The website for our Morocco wedding tells couples all they need to know about contacting us. We see the planning through from the very beginning to the exchange of “I Do’s.”

Our wedding venues throughout Morocco are hand-selected. Each one has its own vibe that speaks to couples in love. We can find the perfect venue for the most intimate wedding ceremony experiences and an equally perfect venue for a lively, well-attended celebration of love. Wherever in Morocco, a couple wants their wedding to take place, we will make it happen. The venues we suggest allow couples to see their wedding dreams come true right in front of their eyes.

We offer endless options that will satisfy any couple’s idea of romance. It is our goal to provide couples with more than they ever could have dreamed of. Our Morocco wedding agency always strives for total satisfaction from the couples we work with. On a couple’s behalf, we communicate with their chosen vendors, and can always recommend the ones we favor. Working with tour companies that deal in high-end entertainment, MoroccoEvents makes the planning process a breeze for couples. Whatever their vision for the perfect wedding day is, we will aim to make it happen, every time. Any regulations that have to be dealt with, we take care of on a couple’s behalf. Our weddings are designed to bring as much joy to the guests as happy couples in love.

Services from our wedding planners in Morocco

Wedding planning services for starting the planning process

  • The couple chooses the desired venue
  • Consultation including advice on legal matters
  • The legalities of a couple’s ceremony

Whether a wedding is meant to be symbolic, religious, or civil, MoroccoEvents is here to help.

Further planning includes:

  • Floral and other decor designs
  • The banquet for after the ceremony
  • Musical performances
  • Breathtaking fireworks
  • Service to and from wedding

Eternity for the happy couple

  • Makeup and hair professionals
  • Bride’s wedding dress — Moroccan style
  • Honeymoon – also Moroccan style

Best Morocco wedding venues

Palaces, villas, and hotels that are perfect for any memorable wedding day

Due to our reputation for knowing the best wedding venues in Morocco, we can point any couple to a variety of places to say I do, from high-end hotels to villas that bathe couples in the lap of luxury. All of our suggested venues are simply breathtaking. Our area of expertise is Morocco venues. Among the choices in venues, we offer couples spectacular palaces and gardens. Morocco is a stunningly beautiful country to hold a wedding in. Its numerous venues accommodate weddings of all sizes. At a couple’s request, we can and will find them romantic or adventurous experiences they can share together. What couples ask us for, they get.

Everyone on our wedding planning team works hard to help couples make memories they can cherish forever. Our experts are trained to seek out exactly what a couple is looking for. Craftsmen and others with finely honed skills work to ensure that every detail of a couple’s wedding is thoroughly scrutinized. With talented, passionate cameramen and photographers on our team, a couple’s wedding images will be picture perfect and bring them a lifetime of memories.

Couples should reach out to our wedding planner agency in Morocco to ask any questions or make any requests pertaining to their wedding day. 

Holding desert weddings in Morocco

  • We offer planning for secluded weddings that include unforgettable views of the Agafay Desert and the surrounding hills, all presided over by a licensed officiant
  • Planning extends beyond the wedding ceremony to the cocktail/champagne reception, and then a candlelit elegant dinner or a casual buffet, followed by traditional music that has an intoxicating rhythm.

When a couple wants a private, intimate wedding, we organize a camp in nomad style. They are also the perfect location for a quiet birthday dinner or a friendly celebration that includes buffet dining and plenty of cocktails. With evening hours between 6:00 and 9:30 pm, it is the perfect excuse to watch a beautiful sunset amongst African canyons.

Couples can instead choose a short desert experience, involving a quick ceremony. Following their ceremony, they can travel from their villa to the desert to witness a magical sunset while enjoying a glass of champagne.

The email couples send us should answer the following questions, in order to allow us to offer our help:

How long of a stay is being requested (this encompasses the number of nights spent on the premises)

  1. Exact dates of the expected visit
  2. A count of all participants involved
  3. A count of the evenings that need to be organized
  4. Buffet or brunch planned for the following day upon the wedding concluding
  5. Partially or fully paid travel expenses being incurred
  6. Will the ceremony be religious or non-religious? Any requests for where the officiant’s blessing should take place
  7. Are there are food allergies we need to know about?
  8. The bracket for the couple’s global budget

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