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Life is an event, so make it memorable with MoroccoEvents; the best event planner in Morocco. MoroccoEvents was started to provide a full-service event planning company. Whether you are looking to organize a corporate event or a personal entertainment event, you want to choose the best Morocco event management company in Marrakech.

As an event management agency and M.I.C.E. planner, MoroccoEvents offers every service you need to plan a successful event. As our focus is on specialized events, we have a reputation for pulling off high-level executive events with finesse and flair.

Of all the premium top event management companies in Morocco, we are among the most established when it comes to embracing all the latest trends. We apply these trends to corporate events such as conferences, seminars, incentive travel, team building, trade shows/expos, business/gala dinners, wedding planning, sport management, theme parties, golf holidays, product launches, board meetings, as well as other meaningful celebrations. Read More…

Enhance your Events with Leadership & Experience

We deliver solutions that please our clients every time. This is our commitment to you as one of Morocco’s top event companies. Each of our clients receives top-notch advice and service when they work with us. Our managers have decades of experience in providing clients exactly what they are looking for in an event. With over two decades' experience planning corporate events, our organizers are always consummate professionals. When devising a plan for an event, we look at a client’s requirements and budget and we apply our own unique visions to it.

Our Morocco events management planning in Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Fes, and other Moroccan cities gives you many production and entertainment options so you can truly create a unique celebration. Our catering services can be used for everything from corporate to family events. If we didn’t provide exceptional service, we wouldn’t be happy. The relationships we have built with service providers and entertainment specialists are a source of pride. It is the combination of our relationships and our insight into a design that makes us such a reputable event planner in Marrakech. Our stellar craftsmanship gets you exactly what you want for your event.

No other Morocco corporate management company embraces the creative concepts that we do. This makes our events more memorable and unique than our competitors. We use cutting edge production values to ensure your event is as fulfilling as possible. Using the latest technology, we can bring a level of excitement to your event that is unprecedented. We guarantee that we will negotiate with our vendors to get you the lowest prices we can. This includes transportation, food & beverages, and accommodations throughout Morocco.

We organize breathtaking events that will defy your expectations. Using your imagination as a springboard we will create an event that makes you proud. When our team organizes an event we keep in mind your visions. We seriously take care of every single detail of the planning process. We will not stop until the detail of your event reflects what you want. We possess the unique vision and impeccable craftsmanship which when applied to your initial idea makes our services exceed your highest expectations. Allow us to present our team of experts that work together planning an event.


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Events Planning Beyond Expectations & Creations

Corporate Events: As a Morocco corporate event management agency in Marrakech, MoroccoEvents works hard to accommodate the needs of every business and dignitary that requires their services.
Companies from around the world need international professional conferences and organizers from a qualified company in Morocco. Some of the most notable companies that we have served and partnered with include DHL, Ford, Pepsi, Shell, Hyundai, Red Bull, and Dell.

Trade Shows: At one time, a worthy international trade fairs and exhibitions organizer in Morocco was difficult to find. Having a company with such specified expertise, that can orchestrate the finite details of such large-scale events is not an easy feat.
However, this difficulty came to an end the moment MoroccoEvents opened its entertainment planning doors. Now, regardless of what type of trade or exhibit show clients wish to organize, they can harness the power and widespread influence of MoroccoEvents. This way, they can focus on their brand and not the event itself.

Sporting Events: Sometimes, the best course of action for an event is to hold a sporting event. This type of event is excellent for cultivating comradery and healthy competition. Yet, this benefit is only possible if the host can find a suitable sporting management planner.
Thankfully, the professionals at MoroccoEvents have a lot of experience dealing with sporting events; such as golf events holidays in Morocco.

Seminars: MoroccoEvents is familiar with and has experience conducting formal seminar planning in Morocco. As with every country, there are certain nuances that you want to adhere to, out of respect for the business being conducted in this particular country. We can guide the host through these cultural differences so that their seminars are completely professional and conducted appropriately for the area. Additionally, this company is also experienced in organizing Morocco team building activities in Marrakech. For a company, large or small, this is sure to be a once in a lifetime adventure.

Wedding Planning: There is always a reason to hire party planners in Morocco. After all, life is a party, enjoy it! No matter where you go or what you do, there are grounds for a celebration. So, whether that celebration comes in the form of a corporate event or a personal achievement, just contact our company to speak to the best party planners in Morocco. Therefore, hiring the best Morocco wedding planner company is critical to make your events what you actually have dreamed about it. A wedding is once in a lifetime event and you must be able to relax to enjoy each moment of your big day in a more amazing way. You can get assistance from the beginning of this exciting journey to make it more amazing.

MoroccoEvents is one of the most trusted and best Morocco wedding planner in Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Meknes, Fes, Essaouira, and various other cities all around the country, where you will be served with exotic wedding venues and destinations such as enchanting gardens, luxury villas, 5-star hotels, and other gorgeous places, which can help you in planning a luxury wedding event to make your big day even more special. Our professional team will make sure to make your Moroccan wedding event dreamy just like you always have imagined

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